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The Seventh Review of the Gallery of Imaginative Play and Games

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I would like to introduce to your attention the seventh review of the Gallery of Imaginative Play and Games (projects 316- 425). To get familiar with all projects please follow the link:
The Gallery of Imaginative Play and Games or just click on the picture below:

All projects in the Gallery are wonderful. The main aims of the projects are to develop the imagination and fantasy of children, to help them learn through play. The projects of the gallery are becoming the main motives of some adults and children to create their own games, to play and to learn.
I was very happy to receive the postcard and greetings  from Belarus. I am very grateful to Alesya and Leva who has drawn the picture for me and wrote congratulations.

My nephew Ivan is also very grateful to everybody who wrote comments and good words. He decided to show his drawings on my blog.

So, let me introduce the participants and the projects of the seventh review of the Gallery.

Anna (Minsk, Belarus, the blog "Veselie budni") has told us about winter holidays. She has also written about children's creativity: 317, 318, 324, 329, 338, 339, 346, 356, 360, 364, 367, 372, 373, 374, 394, 396, 400, 408, 421, 422.

Under the numbers 317, 318, 372, 373 you will find the concrete games you can play with the children. These games were created by Anna. 

The number 324 tells us about 'miracles' which  winter walk can contain. Snow day conceals many adventures for children: it is not only an opportunity to build a snowman but it also an opportunity to guess to whom different steps on the snow belong and to think out names for snowdrifts. The children also left a food for birds in the form of fancy objects and decided to please people who would walk the same route: they made remarkable birdies from coloured snow- 400 (see the photo). 
So, any winter day may become "magical" and the children can think up a lot of fascinating activities. 

Photo from the blog "Veselie budni"

Anna has written how it was possible to celebrate the Birthday in the style of firefighters: competitions, games, toys made a holiday unforgettable - 329. Parents often have a desire to spend a Holiday for the child in this or that style, and it is great when children take the most active part in the preparation. Thanks to it, not only children's imagination develops, but children learn to create the real holiday. 
It is also possible to read about one more idea of the Birthday on the website of Anna - "A birthday with snowmen" - 422.

You can  find a lot of interesting projects on the blog of Anna: the 338th project is devoted to the creation of snowmen by improvised materials, 339 describes the handmade board games, 346 is a workshop of the creation of New Year's toys, 374 is the masterclass of the creation of snowmen. All these projects show how children and parents  can create toys and games without big expenses. Only the imagination and phantasy are necessary!

The 356th number is devoted to the different  "New Year's adventures" of children, 360 tells about how children rescued the Snowman. The last project contains a good idea of the Advent Calendar. Advent Calendars are now very popular. Every day the child (usually waiting for some holiday) performs different tasks in a playful way. Children learn and play and sometimes find some surprises. At the same time, children learn to solve problems and to be consecutive. 
The Advent Calendars and quests have the similar contents and the purposes: just read the description of the training quest which helped children to count- 394 and quest where it was necessary to find different details, to solve riddles - 396.

Anna has also sent the story how they met New Year (364): play and games in which both adults and children took part made the holiday more cheerful and helped to unite generations.

The video of a Christmas tale made a great impression on the readers of the blog.  Anna's dauhgter  Ellina made all dolls for this mini theatre - 367

It will be useful for the readers of Anna's blog to get acquainted with the descriptions of experiences with ice - 408, and it will be interesting to the little guests of the blog to watch an animated cartoon which was created by children - 421.

Photo from the blog "Veselie budni"

Olga Fedoraeva (Omsk, Russia, the blog by the educational psychologist Olga Fedoraeva) - the project 316 - has written how she with her daughter Dasha have decided to make fantastic small toy houses.
These handmade toys can give to each child the feeling of magic. "There small gnomes or elves can live" and these toy houses can be used for the  further play (for example, the dolls from the Kinder-surprises can become the citizens of this toy city).

The photo by Olga Fedoraeva

Nadezda (Podolsk, Russia, the blog "Vidumshica") together with her daughter Ksyusha continue to participate in Gallery with new games and creative ideas: 319, 332, 334, 347, 352, 358, 361, 398, 399, 404, 405.

Ksyusha performs different tasks, learns traffic regulations, makes handmade toys, gets acquainted with geometrical figures - 319 (all of these - by a playful way). Ksyusha thinks out games, drawings and, even composes small poems (she is imitating the behaviour of mother and father).

Photo from the blog "Vidumshica"

Ksyusha with her mother has shown us not only how to look for "miracles" during the winter walk and how they made snowmen and the food for birds - 398, but they also told us how not to be upset if there is no snow in the winter. The real snow winter will appear in the simple box - 332 if you make snow from starch. This will be a  good idea if the child suddenly wants to play with snow not only in the winter but also on a hot summer day.

Under the number 334 you will get acquainted with a set of the ideas of winter children's creativity and games, under the numbers 347 and 404 you will read about the different tasks of the Advent Calendar and quests, 352nd number will tell you how to cook tasty food during play and to make souvenirs of candies (painting faces on candy wrappers) for mother's friends and their children.

Play, the basis of which is the plots of the read fairy tales and books, helps Ksyusha to remember them better - 358. The letter to Santa Claus - 361, sent through "portal freezer", strengthened the belief in a miracle. The next morning under a fir-tree Ksyusha has found the ordered tangerines and candies.

Ksyusha with her mother has made a remarkable winter handmade toy - 399: the little mouse was skating. It was a real miracle for Ksyusha. It was the real holiday for children's imagination. 

Nadezhda tries to adapt all play and games  according to  Ksyusha's age. And we will see the results of such activities in the nearest future - 405.

Natalya Perepelko (Chelyabinsk, Russia, the blog "Detki-Confetki") is one of the most active participants of Gallery of Imaginative Play and Games: 320, 321, 328, 331, 335, 336, 348, 350, 351, 355, 359, 362, 375, 376, 382, 395, 402, 420, 425.

Children from the kindergarten of Natalya "have also rescued the Snowman" during play (Snowman was one of the main heroes of this winter): they have studied the map with the hidden letters and have made a mailbox to send the letters to the Snowman - 320. Preschool children were so fascinated by such kind of play that they wanted to continue to look for envelopes and gifts during their walk. The collective task has united them in the desire to help the Snowman. Children with pleasure performed tasks, having united for such important issue - 351. Such kind of play and games are necessary to modern children because they feel the lack of collective action and the uniting tasks.

Photo from the blog "Detki-Konfetki"

Parents also took part in children's play and games: they showed children how to cook tasty food and that cooking is not dull process (read the some of the names of the dishes: 328, "Hedgehogs with mushrooms" (331), "A cheerful snowman" (335),  336.

Parents in Natalya's group have made the wonderful New Year's book  - 348, they prepared with children an exhibition of cheerful snowmen - 350, made the toy model  "winter entertainments" - 420 (see the photo). Thereby parents demonstrated an example of communication and collective work, games and play. 

Natalya has shared several master classes: 321 (a postcard for Christmas), 362 (a postcard "A cheerful puppy"), 402 (Winter Fairytale in a matchbox). She has written about winter entertainments and games of children - 355, 359, and she has described "Bullfinches" which children made (thanks to the imagination, each birdie has gained the character - 382). Children made a special food for birds - 375  and painted the wall newspaper - 376. I think, having read the blog by Natalya, many adults and children will be inspired by such joint activity. Preschool children also painted the real pictures on the snow - 325
It would be desirable to pay special attention to the visit of the State Historical Museum of South Ural - 395: children had the chance to play, to participate in a master class (the production of a doll).

Irina Petrova (Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia, the blog "Udivitelnoe ryadom") thinks out the unusual and memorable play and games for her pupils: 322, 325, 330, 371, 378, 385, 406.

The handmade toy with candies "Sweet Dream" (322) has made more pleasant the expectation of the New Year.

I want to invite you to read the articles devoted to the  cycle of lessons of Irina Petrova on a subject of travel and studying of living conditions of various people:

number 325 - "children have gone to the North, have constructed the model of a yaranga (the typical house of the people who live in the North) and have danced under the shaman's tambourine. The pupils have also saved the fishermen";

Photo from the blog "Udivitelnoe ryadom"

the project 330 tells about the life of people  in the North, but children built an ice house and "have made" the polar lights by the means of unusual drawing by the snow;

number 371 is devoted to Africa and the mysteries of the Red Sea, children even have made the toy bathyscaphes;

under the number 378 you will find a travel to Asia and houses on the water, and under the number 385, you will read how the Indians live.

406 project is devoted to the inventions of small children, and Irina has told us how children invented the toy cart to help grandmother and grandfather to collect a harvest of vegetables.

Play and game which Irina offers the pupils are similar to the play and games from our childhood when we could play dolls and toys for hours and hours, thinking out adventures, setting tasks for them and overcoming difficulties.  I know that  children need to be shown how it is possible to play with a handmade toy further, what scenes with dolls and toys are possible. Then they will also  begin to think out new games, they will want to learn more, to read books and to specify some details.

Olga Astrakhantseva (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, the blog "Magiya Biologii"): 323, 326, 344, 368, 391, -  combines an educational and play parts in the articles.

Under the number 323, it is possible to find not only fascinating riddles but also to read the interesting facts about the ancestors of dogs, to try to draw them and even to make a model of a jaw of a small wolf. Thanks to it, children gain new knowledge in a playful way.

Photo from the blog "Magiya Biologii"
Many readers have loved Olga's idea with Magical Dog (326). It is necessary to write all your desires on the paper dog and paste it on a window. The Universe will "read" the desires. It is both art therapy and emotional support of the child. 

Number 344 is devoted to the meeting of biological puppet theatre "BIOTOP" concerning the theme "Why Do Bats Sleep Upside Down?" Projects 368 and 391 tell us about Olga's work: how it is possible to prepare the real "Surprise for birds" and who is this animal. Olga's articles teach children to love the nature, to understand the various manifestations of  nature. Riddles, verses, the offered games turn biology into remarkable and fascinating science about animals and flora.

Oksana Stohl (Kemerovo, Russia, the blog "Zvetik-Semicvetik" and the blog "Belochka"- 327, 386, 387, 390, 423 - has told how to make a doggie of a pompon (327). The most important that it is easy to repeat the creation of this handmade toy with children.

Children together with Oksana Vladimirovna have made the following wonderful toys and things:
 ships (origami) - 386;

Photo by Oksana Stohl

the helicopter from plasticine and the capsule of the Kinder-surprise - 387;

children have drawn a snowy polar owl - 390;

children have also made small cakes of plasticine - 423 - with which it was possible "to feed" dolls.

Oksana Vladimirovna often shares the new ideas. 
Everything is written in details, and many readers with pleasure repeat the offered ideas not only in kindergartens but also at home. Some parents and tutors ask a question how to awake the desire to do something in children. They will find answers on the blogs by Oksana Vladimirovna.

We also want to congratulate Oksana Vladimirovna on the victories in the competitions of tutors and to wish her further achievements in this difficult and such necessary activity!

Natalya Guryeva (Chelyabinsk, Russia, the blog "Babochki") (333, 363, 369, 379, 388, 403, 407) has shown the joint creativity of children and parents - 333 - it is the exhibition of toy doggies. After the exhibition, the children made the doggies from plasticine.

Thanks to the project 363, readers of the blog "Babochki" have returned to the childhood - children have invented the own game "Traces on the  Snow" - it is necessary to guess or think up whose is these traces, or to make a pattern of the traces on snow.

Number 369 is devoted to the Day of the words "Thank you" - children have taught the fantastic hero Ivanushka to tell "thanks" and have made hearts with this word. Such actions acquainted preschool children with the bases of politeness and how it is important to be grateful. 

In the project number 379 you will read about the remarkable didactic game "Snowmen".

Photo from the blog "Babochki"
The 388th number describes fairy tales which children have written, 403 contains the stories and the drawings of children devoted to the polite behaviour, 407 describes the puppet theatre and new children's fairy tales.

There is a wish to note that Natalya provides children freedom in their creativity, imagination, understanding of different subjects. It is not only the support of play, it is a good possibility of tutors and parents to understand how well the child has acquired material.

Nadezhda Vladimirovna Volobueva (Togliatti, Russia, the blog "Volna" (337, 381, 397) has shared the creativity of her pupils:

337 - children have made from the plasticine the charming doggies with festive details. Each doggie is unique;

381 - these are the toys  on sticks made by children. Such toys can serve as both decoration of the house, and basics of puppet theatre, and just good attributes for a further children's play;

Photo by Nadezhda Volobueva

397 - drawings (snow winter and phantasies what to do when it is snowing: to build snowmen, to play snowballs).
Photo from the blog "Volna". The souvenirs from me

Elena Ishimova (Chelyabinsk, Russia, the blog "Smeshariki") - 340, 343, 365, 366, 370 - has written how they looked for miracles with children (340). Elena Valeryevna has provoked all readers to a thought that adults also  need to learn to see miracles in the surrounding things. And when children are given freedom in their imaginations, even the piece of cellophane can turn into a ghost or a scarf of the Snow Queen.

Under the number 343, you will find the interesting ideas for the New Year holiday.

Photo from the blog "Smeshariki"

365 project is devoted to the fairy tale - puppet theatre (children even "sold" each other tickets), and the number 366 is the fairy tale which is completely thought up by children.  It is a very good and useful experience with preschool children because it gives  chance to adults to learn what children worry about and how they cope with problems!

370 project is the fairy tale by the son of Elena Andrey. It is exciting to think out something, to compose, to look for unusual in usual things!

Andrey with the souvenirs from me

Nellie Anatolyevna Gabdrakhmanova (Kovrov, Russia, the blog "Prospekt") - 341, 345, 410 - continues the participation in the Gallery. 

She has written: 

how children have made a fir-tree - 341

how children have made snowmen of different materials  - 345

and how children painted the real collective picture with winter entertainments - 410.

Photo from the blog "Prospekt"

I want to pay attention how Nellie Anatolyevna is able to create the necessary atmosphere for the emergence of positive children's communications. She interests children, supports their initiatives, organizes learning through a game. If you read her blog, you will see that pupils are able to  help each other and how they worry about performing tasks well.

Photo from the blog "Prospekt" The souvenors from me

Yana Borisenko (Glukhov, Ukraine, the blog "Dnevnichok Yanochki"): 342, 349, 354, 384, 392, 393, together with her mother Nadezhda, has written about a game "Riddles". Yana with friends thought out the riddles and unexpected answers - 342. It a little bit reminds me how we in the childhood invented infinite jokes and terrifying stories, and now children think out riddles.

Yana and Nadezhda have shared the last year's (2017) Advent calendar - 349, the creation of the postcard and the performance of other creative tasks - 354.  You can also read about a wonderful winter play - 384 (to find the Snowman and a surprise from him, having solved a set of riddles and puzzles), you will get acquainted with winter handmade toys (including the toy skier - 392) and also you will read about an interesting play  how to learn to count - 393.

Photo from the blog "Dnevnichok Yanochki"

Gulfiya (Ufa, Bashkortostan, the blog "Vozdushnii Zamok") - 353, 380, 389.
In the project 353, you will read a very interesting story about the game which Gulfiya has thought up with the boys - in the summer they try to find gold ingots (large stones) on the playground, to find "treasure". "All platform turns into the magic place". In the winter the children look for silver and diamonds (snowballs and small pieces of ice). 

Such game is a remarkable thing for the development of children's imagination!  Teach children to play this game!

Number 380 is devoted to the Birthday and 389 - to the New Year's adventures.
Gulfiya combines play and learning: fairy tales, experiences help children to learn the features of different objects, to make experiments and to gain new knowledge.

Photo from the blog "Vozdushnii Zamok"

Tatyana Lazareva (Orsk, Russia, the blog "Vmeste c mamoi") - 377 - has shared the experience of the use of "a joy jar". Katya (Tatyana's daughter) has suggested representing on the jar four seasons. "Nature has no bad weather", in each season there are remarkable moments which can be gathered in this jar! And when hard times, troubles or bad mood come, it is possible to open this jar, get notes from it and to remember joyful events.

Photo from the blog "Vmeste s mamoi"

Tatyana with children has made tiny snowmen - 424. Each lives in "the magic world". And to children there is an opportunity to play, thinking out new entertainments and adventures for snowmen.

Zhanna Shaydarova (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, the blog "Ni Minuti Pokoya") - 383 - has shared the ideas of use of small toys (see the photo). The imagination of children works when adults show them a small performance with these toys when adults allow them to play, touch these toys, to think up something. Soft, compact, available to independent production - such toys are very good assistants in the play of kids.

Photo from the blog "Ni Minuti Pokoya"

Milana and Anna Borisovna Tkachenko 
(Krasnodar, Russia) - 401 - have told us how they made toy sports equipment, studying colours, forms, the quantity of objects. All ready handmade toys from plasticine will be surely useful for the further play with dolls.

Milana and Anna Borisovna are the new participants of the Gallery. We welcome them and we wish inspiration for further creative activity!

Lubava (Krasnoyarsk, Russia, the blog "Kirpichiki Schastya") with the children are new participants of the Gallery  (409, 411, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 419). We also welcome them to the blog and we hope for further cooperation!

They have shared with us the next play and games: 

409 - shadow play. It is a new game in our Gallery, it will be very useful to get acquainted with such type of pastime. It must be kept in mind that such game promotes overcoming and elimination of fear of darkness and shadows, especially for small children;

Photo from the blog "Kirpichiki Schastya"

411 - games on the playground. You will also read about paper heroes: Cinderella, friends - hearts and other heroes of fairy tales;

412 - the fairy tale "Turnip" from plasticine;

413 - easter Advent Calendar;

414th project tells how it is possible to build the whole city using lids (see the photo);

Photo from the blog "Kirpichiki Schastya"

under the number 415 you will find the story how Olesya thinks out and makes the handmade toys;

416 - the search of treasures;

417 - games and handmade toys from plasticine;

418 - autumn creativity;

419 - the performance of tasks of the Snowman.

Lyubava is a very creative person, and her children constantly think out something: write, draw, think out games and also make toys. The real holiday of children's creativity and imagination! 

Yulia Zueva (Chelyabinsk, Russia, the page of the psychologist Yulia Zueva) - 357 - has again shared very interesting and useful activity with children, "I love myself for..." Each child had to tell what he loves him/herself for (using small herats - see the photo). This task was both difficult, and at the same time interesting for children. Try to repeat: it raises the question of a self-assessment of children.

Photo by Yulia Zueva

The Gallery of the Imaginative play and Games continues the existence! It turns into the rich collective experience of the play and learning with children of the different ages that there is the desire to ask all of you who is reading this post: find a time, read these remarkable projects, note something new, useful. Appreciate those people who so generously impart experience of the learning through a play!

We are waiting for the new projects and authors!

All rights reserved.

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