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How to Continue the Fairy Tales and Cartoon Films in the Real Life

When Vanya was a little boy, he liked when adults told him fairy tales. He also liked to watch cartoon films.But the main activity always began after the listening of fairy tales and watching cartoon films: Vanya often preferred to draw the main heroes of the films or books, to make illustrations for the books and cartoon films. It was his favourite play during several years.
When Vanya was a very little boy I always drew the selected personages. Vanya liked to help me –  he cut the paper heroes out.
When he became older, he began to do everything by himself: he imagined,  drew etc. not only the main heroes, which exist in fairy tales and cartoon films but he also added newly imagined personages of the fairy tales and cartoons, which were created by him.
And then the most interesting part of the play started: the heroes were becoming 'alive", they were receiving voices and new characteristics. And there was no end of the adventures...

The heroes of the book of  Astrid Lindgren "Emil i Lönneberga'

The heroes of the cartoon film "Scoobi-Doo"

The heroes of the cartoon film "SpongeBob SquarePants" 

The scary heroes took one of the main places in the play of Vanya. In his play, they were becoming clumsy and funny. They often wanted to be friends with the kind heroes.

"The main villain" (An imagined hero)

The villain from "Spider-Man"

An imagined personage

The heroes of the cartoon "Spider-Man" and imagined personages 

The heroes of the cartoon "Ghostbusters" and imagined heroes

Imagined scary heroes

Imagined Transformers toy

A desirable New Year's present - Transformers toy 

When Vanya became older, he began doing  'volume personages’, following the instructions from the Internet: WALL-E, the heroes of “Toy Story” joined the company of the factory toys.
So, the favourite heroes are becoming ‘alive’, the child is creating the interesting story by himself, participating in the chosen plot. Adults, family members are often included  in this play. But the child sometimes says that he wants to play alone.
Owing to the described imaginative play, the fantasy of child is developing. This play is a good way to overcome fears. This is an opportunity to discuss the behavior of the heroes of fairy tales and cartoons in the different situations.

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