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Scarlet Sails Show, Saint-Petersburg, 2016

Scarlet Sails is a great show which takes place in Saint-Petersburg every summer.
The main aim of the tradition of the Scarlet Sails show is to celebrate the end of the school life.
The name of the show is connected with the popular book "Scarlet Sails" which was written by the Russian author Alexander Grin. In this book, a small girl, Assol, was predicted that a prince would come for her on a ship with a scarlet sails. Nobody believed her, people laughed at her dream. But a one ship captain (Arthur Grey) fell in love with Assol. He learned about the prediction, bought several meters of the scarlet fabric, decked his ship with scarlet sails and came to Assol.
The main sense of this story is the statement that if you want miracles, if somebody wants miracles, You must work miracles by yourself.
So, a lot of children, who have just finished school, when they are seeing this ship with scarlet sails, must believe that they will meet with a lot of interesting things in an adult life, must believe, that they have enough forces to work miracles.   

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