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“It is the media of the epoch that defines the essence of the society”

(Marshal McLuhan).
In the modern times, the development of the Internet and mass-media influences the life of an each person. Children are especially sensitive to the given processes since they live in the conditions in which they learn to use a computer, use different technologies, etc. since the early childhood. Such “technologization” of childhood has pluses and minuses, comprises both opportunities and dangers to the child.
"It is me in the suit of  Batman", boy, 6 years old.

Technologies, games, media messages are the agents of socialization of a modern child and consequently, they demand the same steadfast attention and research as kindergarten, school, family, etc.
Some computer games help to develop motor skills, improve logic thinking; the television programs for children can influence the lexicon of children positively, etc. But it is very important to remember, that at the same time the media messages reflect a socio-historical context, a fashion, trends and even problems.
Now there are a lot of discussions about the observance of time balance of technologies in the life of children.  In my opinion, this question is important, but there is the necessity of dialogues (with the small children) regarding the content of the media messages (games, cartoon films, telecasts): owing to it the children will learn to analyze the products of media. We are ready to discuss books, works of art with children, etc. And why are adults ready to discuss computer games, advertisements, etc. very seldom?
Computer game 'Tanks", boy, 6 years old.
According to my research, the leading positions among computer games which are known by the children of preschool age, are taken by races, wars, etc.
So, it is the time of parents, tutors, teachers to talk with the children what the children understand from the media messages, what conclusions the children do. I think that there is an opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things.

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  1. Leah Davies M.Ed. (Author, Kelly Bear Resources, Past Instructor, Auburn University, teacher, counselor, mental health professional) commented in Early Childhood Research Proffesional Group (Linkedin):
    Maria, I could not agree more with you comment: "Technologies, games, media-messages are the agents of socialization of modern child and consequently they demand the same steadfast attention and research as kindergarten, school, family, etc." Technology "advances" are happening so fast, we seem to be unable to study the consequences of so much screen time on our children, but the need is there.

  2. Marilyn Manuel (Former Executive Director at Early Childhood Care & Development Council) commented in Early Childhood Research Proffesional Group (Linkedin):
    Maria, it is a joy to read your post. Very informative and thought-provoking. The "technologization" of childhood is indeed a pressing concern and demands attention and research. I look forward to reading/ following your sharing of your sociological researches with children and their parents.


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